Unchained Coffee?

19 08 2010

So, fellow Brummies, let us at GastroBrum ask you a simple question…

When was the last time you went out for a coffee and DIDN’T go to a Starbucks?

A day? Month? Ever???

In the last year, Birmingham has seen a few (not as many as we would like) independent coffee shops open up to offer us caffeine junkies an alternative to your multinational corporate latte.

Here is a quick review of our favourite…Urban Coffee Company.

Located on Church Street, just opposite Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham’s financial area, this bright, spacious coffee lounge greets you with two floors of comfy, welcoming seats and a smell of freshly ground coffee that would make any Morning Blues disappear straight away.

As well as your standard esspresso based affairs of lattes and cappuccinos, UCC has a fantastic range of specialist filter coffees straight from the bean into your cup. Ranging from Brazilian smooth and nutty varieties right through to an excellent Ethiopian Arabica bean, the flavours in these simple yet complicated brews let you know these guys are really passionate about the drinks they serve.

This together with a range of cupcakes, loafs and pastries on offer too, the hours while away whilst enjoying their free Wi-fi, second hand book collection and list of events scheduled in the venue including live music, book clubs and specialist tasting evenings to whet the appetite of anyone willing to try something new.

Go on, give it a try, trust us, your horizons will seem wider from the out set!




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